As Dean of The National College of DUI Defense (NCDD), I would like to welcome and thank you for visiting our Website. I am truly moved to be a part of such a fine organization and would like to acknowledge that it is a privilege to serve as Dean. This organization is committed to excellence in our endeavor to educate lawyers and the public about DUI cases. Founded in 1995, The College’s membership is diverse and comprised of a thousand lawyers from nearly all 50 States. Our collective goal is to zealously defend persons who have been falsely accused of Driving Under the Influence and related charges.

Membership in this organization is dedicated to serious minded attorneys who are honestly seeking to expand their legal knowledge and improve their courtroom skills. This is not an entity that allows prospective members to join by simply submitting a short form and paying a fee. Once a member, as a quality control, we require lawyers to continue their education, by attending approved DUI defense seminars. We also offer our members the option to become certified as DUI specialists.

Those involved in this organization understand the severe consequences of a DUI conviction. They include a license suspension, incarceration, lost jobs, high insurance rates, lost education opportunities, and the denial of entry into some foreign countries. Accordingly, our mission is to aggressively protect every citizen’s right to be represented by competent counsel and therefore help maintain the presumption of innocence. In doing so, we will insist that Crime Lab technicians not deviate from acceptable and fair practices and that police officers treat citizens fairly.

It is my sincere hope that you will objectively review our extensive website so that you can educate yourself about the offense of DUI and better understand the complex nature of the scientific issues associated with representing someone accused of this crime.

If you are seeking a lawyer to represent you for a pending DUI charge, you can go to the navigation bar on the homepage and click on, “Find a Qualified Lawyer.”

If you are an attorney interested in applying for membership, please contact our Executive Director, Rhea Kirk at the contact information listed on the website.

George A. Stein, Founding Member, Dean 2011 - 2012